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15 March 2015 @ 11:37 am
the hughes legacy; 9.2  

Risa became a borns saleswoman who wants to be a zoologist.

This is Shelly Mae's new romantic interest Josiah.

The surprise twins became toddlers! Erik is excitable and loves the heat. He likes R&B music, french toast, the color black, and is a Gemini.

Stacey is absent minded and easily impressed. She likes pop music, pancakes, the color grey, and is a Taurus for some reason. She's the older twin.

Here's Josiah Diamond-Blanco. He is a slob, technophobe, athletic, light sleeper, and a equestrian. He likes pop music, fruit parfaits, and the color pink. He's a Sagittarius with a dream for the perfect mind, perfect body..

Prom night!

Shelly Mae gave birth to twins, too!

Here's Marie.

Lin finally became a young adult. She's now brave and wants to be a professional author.

Shelly Mae: Why is this my little sister...

Josiah is a doctor so he sometimes gets on location jobs.

Here's Shelly Mae's oldest twin. Jesse loves the cold and is a genius. He likes soul music, cheesesteak, and the color spice berry. He's a Virgo.

And Marie hates the outdoors and is grumpy. She likes latin music, pumpkin pie, and the color grey. She's also a Virgo.

They had a bunch of birthdays! Erik is now a light sleeper.

Josiah became a fully grown adult.

and Stacey is now a coward.

Delia: Yeah, I'm sending my kids to boarding school to get them off of my hands. That, and I have grandchildren their age. They gotta go.